New: Introducing Wispy — your personal AI data assistant

Data Made Easy

Datawisp helps you make confident, data-informed decisions without code or complicated BI tools.
Ask questions in plain English and create data visualizations in seconds.

Consult with our data team. Free trial after the demo.

Works with most common data sources

  • .CSV.CSV
  • Google SheetsGoogle Sheets
  • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server
  • Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery
  • SnowflakeSnowflake
  • Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • MariaDBMariaDB
  • .TSV.TSV
  • SolanaSolana
  • Polygon
  • Ethereum
  • Avalanche
  • Arbitrum

Designed for Simplicity

We know data can be intimidating - but it doesn't need to be.

Import your data

Step 1

Upload a file from your computer or connect to a database where your company stores its data.

Ask a question

Step 2

You can talk to Wispy - our AI powered assistant - in plain English, just as you would with a real human.

Get insights

Step 3

Datawisp displays your results in a table or chart. You can also easily export it to another tool like Excel.

No Excuses

Datawisp comes with everything you need to start analyzing data today.

AI-powered assistant

You can talk to Wispy in plain English, just as you would with a human, and ask questions about your data.

Setup support

Our team of (human) data professionals will help you set up Datawisp and make sure everything works 100%.

Beginner friendly interface

Our user interface is free of technical jargon and designed for all levels of data fluency.

All your data in one place

Datawisp works with most common data sources. If yours isn't on the list, we'll make it work anyway.

Collaborate in real-time

Work directly with your team on any data analysis in real-time just like Google Docs or Figma.

Export your work anywhere

Export to external applications like Sheets or PowerPoint, or access directly via our API.

Consult with our data team. Free trial after the demo.