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Coming soon: Datawisp AI — ask questions about your data in plain English!

Data Made Easy

Datawisp is a new, visual way of working with data that throws out things like SQL, Python, and vlookups and makes it easy for anyone to get started finding insights. If you want to get more from your data without learning code or complex software, give Datawisp a try.

Full access. No credit card needed. Works with your data, wherever it lives.

Works with

  • .CSV.CSV
  • Google SheetsGoogle Sheets
  • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server
  • Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery
  • SnowflakeSnowflake
  • Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • MariaDBMariaDB
  • .TSV.TSV
  • SolanaSolana
  • Polygon
  • Ethereum
  • Avalanche
  • Arbitrum

How it Works

Datawisp works by connecting a series of blocks together that replace code.

Import your data

Step 1

Upload a file from your computer or connect to a database where your company stores its data.

Work with your data

Step 2

Connect one or more blocks to your data to perform complex calculations, combine it with other data, and more - all without code or complicated formulas.

Visualize your data

Step 3

Display your work in a table or chart. You can also easily export it to another tool like Excel.


Datawisp is different from other analytics tools. It’s designed to save you time and foster collaboration.

Import & combine data of any type

Easily import your data from anywhere, connect it together, and start finding insights. No complex data pipelines needed.

Reduce errors and save time

Datawisp's no-code visual interface means you never have to worry about incorrect formulas or buggy syntax.

Collaborate in real-time

Work directly with your team on any data analysis in real-time just like Google Docs or Figma.

Export your work anywhere

Datawisp makes it easy to export your work to external applications like Google Sheets or PowerPoint. Your website and apps can also access it directly via our API.

Share your findings with the world

Our public dashboard feature allows you to create read-only versions of any analysis to share with your community.

Govern your data with confidence

Create different teams within your organization to easily manage who sees what data.

Full access. No credit card needed. Works with your data, wherever it lives.

Coming Soon

In beta

AI powered analytics

  • Ask Datawisp questions about your data in plain English

  • Get answers in seconds

  • See exactly how the AI got to that answer (no black box)

  • Manually make changes if needed

In beta

Enhanced JSON support

  • Work with JSON without code

  • Seamlessly combine JSON data with other data types

Coming soon


  • Easily view all your data in one place

  • Combine charts and tables from multiple sheets

  • See how changing certain variables affects the dashboard

  • Share and collaborate with internal and external parties