Data Done Differently

It’s hard to find great insights in your data.

You need to write code, spend hours cleaning your data, and troubleshoot pesky syntax errors.  Or worse, you need to rely on an engineer to do these things for you.

Datawisp is a brand new, 100% visual way of working with data that lets anyone discover insights that matter without code.  Never let code get in the way of finding great insights again.


How it Works

Learning code shouldn't be a roadblock to finding mission-critical information. Datawisp works by replacing code with visual blocks: simply pick a data source, transform it, and pick an output type. Our visual query builder lets you work with one or multiple data sets and format the results as a table or chart.

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Datawisp comes packed with features to help everyone on your team work effectively with data and drive your business forward.

Import and combine data of any type

Import web2 and/or web3 data sources and join them to derive advanced insights

Collaborate in real-time

Datawisp sheets are easily shareable across teams, making it easy to break down data silos, solve problems together, and share findings

Easy API access

Our API lets you export your Datawisp analysis to your organization's websites and apps. Create an in-game leaderboard, export wallet addresses for a whitelist, and more!

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Case Studies

Here’s how a few companies are using Datawisp to better understand their data.

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Product Roadmap

Our roadmap is constantly evolving and definitely not set in stone. Contact us at if you have any questions or requests!

Road to open beta

  • Team management

  • Improved sharing and collaboration options

  • New-user onboarding experience

  • Documentation

  • Support ticket system

Road to v1.0

  • Dashboards and notebooks

  • Advanced query optimization

  • Automatic data refresh

  • Views (using tables from other sheets as sources)

  • New login options


  • Comprehensive data imports (AWS, Snowflake, Polygon, etc.)

  • Big data support

  • Remote SQL query compiler and optimizer

  • Advanced Web3 support (transactions, instructions)

  • Advanced charting

  • Advanced user management (permissions)

  • Improved Datawisp output API

  • Audit tools