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Datawisp is beginner friendly, but uncompromisingly powerful.

Meet Wispy - our AI-powered data assistant
Data Source

Data Source

The data block represents the data that you're analyzing. It's the starting point for all analysis.

Summarize / Group

Summarize / Group

Quickly understand overall trends in your data with summary metrics. Calculate values like count, sum, average, etc. for any grouping of data.



Combine lets you easily add rows or columns from one data set to another, so you can leverage all the data at your dispoas



Filter lets you cut or segment your data by removing certain rows.



Visualize your data in a chart and share it with stakeholders.

Add Column

Add Column

Add a new column, then pick what goes in it. You can choose from a range of calculations and True/False conditions.


Datawisp works with most major data types and lets you combine all your data in one place.
If you don't see your data source listed, we can still make it work. Email us at


You can upload files directly from your computer to Datawisp. We’ll store them in your account.


  • .CSV.CSV
  • Google SheetsGoogle Sheets
  • .TSV.TSV


Connect to your data directly and get up-to-date analytics at any time.


  • PostgreSQLPostgreSQL
  • MongoDBMongoDB
  • MariaDBMariaDB
  • Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL Server
  • SnowflakeSnowflake
  • Amazon RedshiftAmazon Redshift
  • Google BigQueryGoogle BigQuery

Web 3

Easily access your on-chain data, combine it with web2 data, and make the most out of the metaverse – right here in Datawisp.


  • SolanaSolana
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Arbitrum


Datawisp comes packed with features designed to reduce friction and get you started analyzing data ASAP.

Ease of use

  • AI-powered data assistant

  • Ask questions about your data in plain English

  • Beginner friendly interface free of technical jargon


  • Create charts and dashboards to see live metrics

  • Analyze trends in data over time

  • Calculate churn and retention

  • Test new products and strategies

  • Track critical customer segments across their lifecycle


  • Onboarding support from real humans to get you started without wasting time

  • Access to our own in-house data science team

  • Dedicated Slack or Discords channel for your team so you can get help immediately

Data management

  • Import files from your PC

  • Connect directly to live databases

  • Process data directly on your own infrastructure, unlike other AI tools

  • Standard data format makes combining different data sets easy

  • No complicated data pipelines to set up


  • Collaborate in real-time just like Google Docs

  • Create teams and invite the right people to collaborate on your project

  • Build a common language for data analysis across your company by connecting Datawisp Blocks together

Export and sharing

  • Share in multiple ways to the right audience: dashboards, pipelines, or read only sheets

  • Easily export charts and tables to external tools like Excel and PowerPoint

  • Create public share links to share on your social platforms and elsewhere

  • Connect Datawisp analysis to your platform of choice via API

Full access. No credit card needed. Works with your data, wherever it lives.