Posted by: Moritz Uehling, CTO

Datawisp DevUpdates | December 2022 - Streamflow dashboard, Polygon, stacked blocks, new crash screen

Here are some of the top DevUpdates for the month of December 2022.

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Datawisp x Streamflow dashboard now live


Users can view TVL month-over-month (MoM) and all teams vesting tokens using Streamflow by accessing the Streamflow Finance Datawisp dashboard.  We’re excited to continue our partnership with Streamflow to bring transparency to token vesting data.

Adding support for Polygon and Ethereum

We're adding support for more import formats  @0xPolygon & @ethereum!

Implementing stacked blocks

It’s starting to look really cool.


Improving UI/UX - New Crash Screen

We're constantly improving the UX Design of based on your feedback.  We're changing the crash screen.


Improving UI/UX - Editing Experience

Making sure the "editing" experience is smooth & visually great.

New Helpful Content

The team is working on awesome material & new content that will make @datawispio easier to use!  We're publishing tutorials, revamped documentation & all the stuff you'll need to use our platform effortlessly!