Posted by: Moritz Uehling, CTO

Datawisp DevUpdates | October 2022 - public sharing, teams, onboarding

Here are some of the top DevUpdates for the month of October 2022.

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Public Sharing

Public sharing is here.  Our users can show how they look at data & take it a step further beyond passive screen sharing.  Access results w/ full transparency & no login. 



We finally finished Teams! You can now invite groups of people instead of just individuals.


New onboarding flow

New onboarding flow to improve the welcome experience.


Bug fixes

Logging in was slow.  It isn't anymore. When we automatically pull on-chain data, it (sometimes) pulls in a weird way. We've identified the issue & are working on resolving it.

Enhanced views to work with large sheets

Sheets can get big, really fast. We're working on views that will allow you to pull apart sheets. Clean up in one, analyze in another! 

Performance updates

We increased the speed of our query engines... by a LOT!