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Datawisp and MagicBlock Partner to Bring No-code Analytics to On-Chain Games

Today, we're thrilled to announce a new partnership between MagicBlock, core contributor to the Solana Unity SDK, and Datawisp, a no-code analytics platform for game developers. Magicblock’s infrastructure already makes it extremely convenient to build on-chain, permissionless and composable games on Solana. Going forward, game developers using the SDK will also benefit from the collaboration between Magicblock and Datawisp in the form of 1) a more streamlined data analytics process and 2) discounted access to the Datawisp platform once the open beta ends. Datawisp is currently free to all users.

Most data-related tasks are complex and require either a data scientist or engineer to complete, even more so when dealing with smart contracts. This can be a problem, especially for small studios with limited resources. Datawisp’s easy to use no-code analytics platform lets anyone track and analyze key metrics on and off chain without needing to write code - freeing up developers to focus on building awesome games!

By answering key questions such as “do players who own an NFT play differently than those who don’t?” game developers can make informed decisions that will help them grow their games and retain their players.

"We're excited to partner with Datawisp to bring their powerful analytics platform to game developers building on Solana. Analytics is a top priority for our users and we believe a no-code approach will enable a more streamlined development experience for on-chain games."
Andrea Fortugno, CEO of MagicBlock

"Both Datawisp and the Solana Unity SDK were built to save game developers time and allow them to focus on what matters most, building amazing games. We’re excited to partner up with MagicBlock and contribute to the Solana games ecosystem however we can."
Mo Hallaba, CEO of Datawisp.

We're extremely bullish on the Solana ecosystem and we are excited to see what innovative games and use cases can emerge from our synergic infrastructures.

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Magicblock is an infrastructure provider for on-chain, composable mobile games. Core contributor and maintainer of the Solana Unity SDK, Magicblock is a Unity Verified Solution Partner. Its infrastructure is used by dozens of game studios to easily enable UGC and UGL in the next generation of on-chain games.

Datawisp is a brand new, 100% visual way of working with data that lets anyone discover insights that matter without code. With support for both on and off-chain data, Datawisp makes it easy for any business to track all the metrics that matter most.