Posted by: Mo Hallaba, CEO

Datawisp Partners with Honeyland to Supercharge User Acquisition

We're partnering up with Honeyland to give everyone on their team data superpowers.

Honeyland is an awesome mobile game about strategic resource management built on Solana and available on iOS and Android. Datawisp is helping them better understand their players' preferences so they can tweak gameplay elements and make the game even better!


Through the Datawisp platform, anyone on Honeyland's game team can easily perform complex operations on data without code, and get to insights faster.

Easily get stats like DAU/MAU, retention, or mission completion rates, and see how those stats change based on demographics, device used, etc. Datawisp is incredibly flexible and your imagination is the only limiting factor in what you can do.

Using Datawisp has empowered my team to efficiently crunch data, customize reports and display valuable insights into our strategies. Its ability to import multiple sources, sync them and effectively “wisp” them together has made a huge difference in optimizing our performance from all angles.

Datawisp has kept us more informed on our progress and helped us in making decisions in user acquisition that will bring us the highest potential for ROI. It is a “must-have” platform for any app developer, publisher or markteer that is serious in understanding product performance and optimization.

Gabriel Tan, Honeyland

We're excited to see this game grow. If you haven't already downloaded it, get it here.

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