Posted by: Mo Hallaba, CEO

Datawisp Version 1.0 Now Live!

After over a year of beta testing, Datawisp v1.0 is finally out today. Datawisp is a brand new way of working with data that puts complex analysis within reach of anyone at your company - whether they're a a product manager, a marketing intern, or the CEO! Our visual, point-and-click interface eliminates code as a bottleneck to working with data, and lets everyone in your organization focus on doing their job better.

The newest version showcases a brand new streamlined UI, added features, tons of integrations, 20x improved performance, significantly fewer bugs, upgraded charts, and blockchain data for 5 new chains. If you've never tried Datawisp before, you can take advantage of all the improvements right away - you can try it out for free for 60 days. No credit card required!

What's new in version 1.0?

Our mission is to make working with data as simple as possible. While our users enjoyed the beta version, we also had a lot of growing pains. With our official launch to version 1.0, we're adding a brand new UI that takes complexity out of the data exploration process, adds new functionality, and just feels good to use. Datawisp 1.0 does a lot of the heavy lifting for you, showing you what's possible, allowing you to search for operations, preview each step, and helping you get to your insight faster.


Datawisp now works with most major databases, file types, and 5 additional blockchains!

Check out the full list of integrations.


What does this mean for current users?

If you're a current Datawisp user, your account, data sources, and teams have already migrated to the new version and you can try out Datawisp 1.0 immediately. However, please note that due to how much we've revamped, your legacy sheets are not compatible with the new Datawisp. We have a couple of ways to help:

  1. You can continue to access your legacy sheets for 60 days at Note that you can't create new sheets and that changes made on the olde app will not sync with version 1.0 and vice versa.

  2. If you need help re-creating your legacy sheets in the new Datawisp, we're happy to do that for you, free of charge - just reach out to us!


Is it still free?

As previously communicated, as of today our open beta period has officially ended. Once you sign up for the new Datawisp, you'll have 60 days to try it out for free before selecting one of our paid plans. More info on those below.

Explore our plans.


Thank you!

Version 1.0 would not have been possible without all the valuable feedback from our beta customers. We hope you're as excited as we are to experience the faster, more intuitive, and more powerful Datawisp v1.0 and can't wait to partner with you to make working with data as easy as sending an email.