Posted by: Mo Hallaba, CEO

Introducing Wispy - Your Personal AI Data Assistant

Introducing Wispy - your personal AI data assistant!

Today, we’re excited to announce the next step in the evolution of data analysis. Meet Wispy - an AI-powered assistant that’s like having your own dedicated data professional at your disposal whenever you need it. Now instead of struggling with complex tools or emailing a data scientist and waiting for them to get back to you, you can simply ask Wispy any question in plain English and generate interactive data visualizations, tables, and more. Try it here

Wispy wears many hats and can answer a wide variety of questions about your data across many industries such as:

  • Which was our top-performing SKU at Walmart this quarter?

  • Which product lines are bought more frequently by men than women?

  • Do users who complete the demo spend more time in the product than those who don’t?

  • What’s the win rate for players who bought the Sword of Oblivion vs. those who didn’t?

Wispy can also suggest questions to ask about your data.

When we started Datawisp, our goal was to make working with data “as easy as sending an email.” Well, now it is! Wispy puts you in control and helps you make confident decisions by giving you direct access to insights immediately, without needing to rely on someone else. 

As part of our commitment to make working with data easy (and fun), Wispy is included in all three Datawisp plans.

Read on to learn more about what to expect or just try it out for yourself for free.

What seemed impossible is now easy

We spoke to a lot of people who got anxious when they talked about data. Everything they tried to use to work with their data had a huge learning curve and they didn't have the time or interest to dedicate to learning something new.

Datawisp now allows you to create powerful data explorations in just a few clicks. By importing your data and simply talking to Wispy in plain English, you're able to visualize data in a way that anyone can understand. Wispy will ask any clarifying question it needs (as any data professional would) and will explain to you in plain language how it got to the result shown.

Chat with Wispy just like a real data professional.

Some things you can now create in just a few minutes with Datawisp:

  • Powerful, interactive data visualizations

  • Reports that integrate with live data wherever it lives and can be shared with stakeholders

  • Collaborative sheets that anyone can view, comment on, or contribute to

  • Flexible ad hoc analysis that can be reused across your organization

Our real human data science team will also help you get started and support you as you use the product, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time getting started. Datawisp isn’t just a platform - it’s your data analysis partner.

Think you’re ready to get started? We agree! You can try Datawisp absolutely risk-free here.