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Honeyland - Partnering with Datawisp on our journey to grow users 3x in 45 days

Gabriel Tan, a user acquisition specialist at Hexagon Studios, has been using Datawisp since September 2023. He shares his perspective in this case study.

As part of the User Acquisition team at Honeyland, I need to manage many parts of our analytics process in order to have a successful marketing and acquisition strategy. There are many things I need to get right - tracking data, integrating data from multiple internal and external sources, consolidating all that data in one place, analyzing the information, and presenting my findings back to stakeholders. With Datawisp, I can do all those things in one place, turning our data management into a seamless and intuitive experience.

Understanding Our (New Users)

In order to grow Honeyland effectively, we need to deeply understand the users we’re acquiring. For example, do users from paid channels behave differently than those from organic channels?  Datawisp allows us to compare these metrics at a high level and is also flexible enough that we can run ad hoc reporting to go even deeper - i.e., “Do users from paid channels spend more in the game?” or “How does a user from a specific campaign progress over time?”

Chart comparing Daily Active Users (DAUs) sourced from organic and paid channels (metrics removed).

Data Integration

Datawisp empowers us to create insights we never could before because it can pull in data from various sources via API.  As we rely on internal data from our backend server and external tools to track and gather performance data (AppsFlyer, others), consolidating data from multiple channels is crucial in developing and measuring performance. With Datawisp, having all our data neatly integrated makes the whole process more efficient , and we're free to ask questions about our business without being bogged down by technical work.

Just a few of the most common integrations available within Datawisp.

Charts & Tables

The Datawisp platform allows us to create charts and customize tables easily with just one click. These charts and tables are powerful tools for quick evaluation and decision-making. Whether dissecting user behavioral trends or diving into revenue per user metrics, having the data in visual form makes it easier for our team to make important decisions, and Datawisp makes that very easy.

Chart we use to monitor Daily installs of Honeyland over time (metrics removed).


The other amazing element when using Datawisp is the flexibility of creating our perspective in viewing data and customizing data views to align with specific objectives. Datawisp is easy enough to use that everyone at Honeyland can customize it to their needs. For example, game designers can add a Summarize and Group block by date to look at how a player progresses over time, while community managers can calculate growth stats to share on social channels.

No Coding Needed

Datawisp is a breath of fresh air for those of us not versed in the coding intricacies. The user-friendly interface empowers every team member to dive into data without feeling like they need a PhD. With some basic introduction to the blocks and functions, any marketer can start using the platform independently to craft out needed data.

With Datawisp’s new AI assistant, Wispy, you can also ask questions about your data in plain English, and it will build visual scripts for you. For example, “What is the average retention period for a user from organic channels?”

Example of how Wispy can help to quickly build charts to understand things like retention (not real data).

In a nutshell, Datawisp is an essential tool for marketing Honeyland. Its ability to seamlessly integrate data, present it in visually appealing ways, and adapt to shifting objectives has improved our approach to user acquisition and monetization. The user-friendly interface ensures that everyone on the team can contribute to the data-driven decision-making process regardless of their technical background. If you're in the app game and still wrestling with data management headaches, it's time to let Datawisp be your guide.

About Honeyland

Honeyland is a popular blockchain-based casual strategy game known for its engaging gameplay and vibrant community. With the upcoming launch of Honeyland 2.0, players can anticipate a richer and more interactive gaming experience. Download Honeyland on iOS and Android now to join the buzz! Since its launch in 2021, Honeyland has silently emerged as a standout, which many refer to as the best mobile game on the Solana blockchain. Recently spotlighted on the Paul Barron Network, reaching over 400,000 subscribers, the team’s groundbreaking innovations are reshaping the landscape of web3 gaming.

Honeyland’s humble yet impactful presence is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in blockchain-based mobile gaming, showcasing a commitment to excellence that has captivated audiences and positioned the game as a leading force in the evolving world of decentralized gaming experiences. The team’s dedication to innovation underscores Honeyland’s rising significance in the rapidly expanding web3 gaming domain.

To learn more about Honeyland, visit their website at https://honey.land, download the game, and start playing now.

About Datawisp

Datawisp is the absolute easiest way for busy product and business people to get insights from data and make better, more confident decisions. Whether you're building a game, an app, a SaaS platform, or anything in between, Datawisp can help you build a better product and understand user behavior like never before. Datawisp lets you easily import all your data and work with it in one place, and our AI assistant, Wispy, answers questions about your data in plain English so everyone on your team can get involved in the insights finding process.

Stop wasting time going back and forth with your technical teams and start making more data-informed decisions to improve your product and grow your userbase. Try Datawisp today. You can sign up and try it free for 14 days at https://app.datawisp.io, learn more at https://datawisp.io, or book a demo.