Posted by: Cam Priest, Data Scientist

Stop Wasting Your Time With Excel

Datawisp can do data-related tasks much quicker and more intuitively. To prove it, we had Cam Priest, our ex-Microsoft data scientist, do the same task in both programs. He definitely knows Excel better than you.. (transcript follows)

Full Transcript:
Hey everyone!

I'm Cam a data scientist at Datawisp.

Today we're going to show how much faster and easier it is to use datawisp to join and analyze data as opposed to excel. So in Excel we have two data sets loaded - players and microtransactions - and our goal today is to see how quickly and efficiently we can analyze the total amount of microtransactions per country all using this little timer right there. So we'll start the timer and in Excel the first thing we need to do is merge the two data sets. This brings up a menu where we select the two data sets which columns we'd like to merge on and the type of join. Today we'll use an inner join. This brings up a brand new power query window where if we select the new column we see that this is a full table. What we want from this table is the sum of amount USD per row. Now this is the total per player but if we want the total per country we need to group by. So to Group by Country we want the sum of microtransactions now we have our data we need to close and load it back into our original workbook. This creates a new sheet with our new data that we can select and insert a chart. so in a little over a minute we get our chart that we're looking for the total amount spent per country.

Now we'll compare in Datawisp. We have the same two data sets loaded we'll reset our timer and we'll go. First thing to do is join the data. Next we need to aggregate that data. We want the sum of amount USD per country and then we need a chart. Again we want the sum per country and in less than half the time we're able to get the same chart. We did this in an all visual way so that the next person that sees it will know exactly the steps that we did and we didn't have to use any hidden menus, hidden features or different ways that the program wasn't intended to be used. This is the power of Datawisp.

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