Make Something Amazing

Whether you’re building a revolutionary new app or the next Game of the Year, Datawisp makes it easy to get insights from your data and lets you focus on doing what you do best.

Make Something Amazing

Build a Better Product

Datawisp helps you make more data-informed decisions to shape product development.

Easy to set up and use

Datawisp can be deployed in minutes and used by anyone without a data science degree. Spend less time looking for data and more time building.

All your data in one place

Your product’s data sits in many different places - from Google Analytics to internal databases. Datawisp lets you easily combine and analyze it all in one place.

More flexible than a dashboard

Unlike a traditional dashboard, Datawisp is designed to answer ad-hoc questions about your data - helping you iterate and optimize faster.

Example Use Case

Here's a practical example showing how Datawisp can be used to monitor player progression in a mobile game.

Datawisp Example - Builder
Full access. No credit card needed. Works with your data, wherever it lives.

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