Be Data Driven

Businesses today generate more data than they ever have. Datawisp helps every single person at your company make the most of that data - from the marketing intern to the CEO.

Be Data Driven

No More Bottlenecks

Datawisp eliminates the technical aspect of working with data, so everyone can make more data-informed decisions.

Simple no-code interface

Datawisp’s unique interface lets anyone at your company solve complex data problems without learning SQL or complicated BI tools.

Fully self-service

Datawisp lets everyone self-serve most data needs, reducing bottlenecks and eliminating useless meetings.

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration means fewer unncessary meetings, less turnaround time, and more productive teams.

Example Use Case

Here’s a practical example showing how Datawisp can be used to get insights from sales data in just a few clicks.

Datawisp Example - Leader
Full access. No credit card needed. Works with your data, wherever it lives.

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